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Abnatural or unman is a term for sapient races that are near-human, yet different enough to warrant distinction. Although they may superficially appear human, they feature inhuman abilities, appearances, and mindsets.

Examples of abnatural[]

During his travels around Central Rohagi, Judah Low meets a bounty hunter with a guttural alien chuckle and distinctive eye and neck movements that set him apart from humans. This bounty hunter is able to injure his targets with "throat sounds", in addition to the variety of strange, living weapons that he carries with him.

Other examples may include the humanlike creatures, with too many eyes, that are among the bounty hunters which accompany the Transcontinental Railroad Trust's railroad project in the years prior to the creation of the Iron Council.


  • The applicability of the term is ambiguous. Only a single bounty hunter is ever described as being abnatural, despite the presence of other near-human races.

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