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An airship is a category of flying vehicle commonly used around Bas-Lag. A variety of airships are used by various powers, including New Crobuzon, Armada, Maru'ahm, and airpirates around the outskirts of eastern Rohagi.

Types of airships[]

  • Aerostat - Lighter-than-air aircraft commonly used by the New Crobuzon Militia for patrolling New Crobuzon and providing an elevated position from which to shoot.
  • Biokiteship - "A spindly, feathered, beetle-nacred thing" with headlamps for eyes. Biokiteships are known to be used by royalty in Maru'ahm for traveling around Rohagi.
  • Dirigible - A rigid-hulled lighter-than-air aircraft. Different types of dirigibles are used by New Crobuzon for trade across eastern Rohagi and for transporting militia around the city.
  • Warflot - A category of New Crobuzon airship meant for combat, warflots range in size from medium to large.