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Andrej Shelbornek was a terminally-ill sixty-five year old man who was in hospice care at the Veruline Hospital in New Crobuzon.


Andrej was a frail old man, sickened by a bacterial wasting disease that left him on the brink of death and with reduced mental faculties. Despite his state, Andrej was surprisingly resilient.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Andrej is abducted from the hospital at gunpoint by Derkhan Blueday to serve as living bait for an attempt to destroy the slake moths running loose in the city by luring them to Perdido Street Station. Being terminally ill, Isaac and company choose to mechanically connect him to the Weaver and funnel the spider's thoughts through Andrej's mind, attracting and then overloading the slake moths when they attempt to feast on him.

During the attempted destruction of the slake moths, Isaac and his group are discovered in the station by the Perdidae. Andrej is mortally wounded by a stray bullet fired by the militia and subsequently bleeds out.

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