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Angevine is Tintinnabulum's Remade assistant. She was brought to Armada around the same time that Tintinnabulum and his crew arrived, and was almost immediately assigned to help him.


Angevine is in her thirties, having been on Armada for over ten years since her ship was captured. Below her thighs, Angevine's legs have been replaced by a bulky, wood-fired steam engine that drives a pair of caterpillar treads.

Events of The Scar[]

During the events of The Scar, Angevine became the lover of Shekel, the erstwhile cabin boy of the Terpsichoria who arrives on Armada after the ship's capture. In between her periods of work for Tintinnabulum, she and Shekel often meet, occasionally spending the night together.

As a result of her and Shekel's relationship, Angevine also becomes friends with Tanner Sack, whose kindness and willingness to help improve Angevine's engine moves her. Prior to the expedition to the island of the anophelii, she recommends to Tintinnabulum that Tanner accompany them to the island.