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The Anophelii inhabit a small island roughly 150 miles south of Gnurr Kett. Also referred to as "mosquito-people", the anophelii are almost never encountered away from its shores.


Female anophelii are ravenous blood-draining predators, while the males are harmless scholars that feed exclusively on fruits and plants. The two sexes interact only to mate, and the males accept sadly that their female counterparts are deadly to most visitors.

Female anopheliii[]

Females are able to survive months on end without eating, they are nearly always driven by starved hunger, and only in rare lucid moments after feeding are they able to think clearly. Neither sap-blooded cactacae nor armor-blooded scabmettlers are vulnerable to the she-anophelii.

Tragically for the mosquito women, their retractable foot-long proboscis is contained in a more human-like mouth, and they are unable to replicate the male language; when they are well-fed and hear non-anophelii visitors talking, some she-anophelii become excited at hearing a language that they can speak, although, due to their ravenous nature, they are often killed when approaching visitors.

Male anophelii[]

Males resemble hunched old men whose most notable physical feature is their sphincter-like mouths, for sucking the juices from the fruit that they eat. Almost all of the men are scholars by nature, who are used by the scientists and authors of Gnurr Kett to assist, via writing, with research on various topics.


Over two thousand years before the time of The Scar, the anophelii expanded into a short-lived Malarial Queendom, an empire spanning most of Bas-Lag's southern lands. Their last remaining settlement is now tightly quarantined by Dreer Samheer cactacae guards to prevent a reocurrence of this catastrophe.

While the male scholars are only capable of forming the hooting sounds of their own language, they have been taught the writing system of High Kettai in order that the elites of Gnurr Kett may carefully control the he-anophelii's intellectual output.


  • The anophelii first appear in The Scar.

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