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The Avanc is a gargantuan, extraplanar lifeform that appears in The Scar. Its original world is unknown, as is its place in its original food chain. During the events of The Scar, Armada baits, catches, and subsequently uses the Avanc to tow the floating city into the Hidden Ocean.


The Avanc originates from another plane, breaching into Bas-Lag through an extremely deep sea trench located in the vicinity of Gnurr Kett.


The Avanc is famously massive, dwarfing all known lifeforms on Bas-Lag. Depictions of the Avanc indicate that it has at least one eye. The shape of its harness indicates that it has at least one limb. Hedrigall mentions that it has a head, although the circumstances of that description do not necessarily mean the factual Avanc has the same appearance.


While the Avanc's diet is not described, it is lured out of the breach between worlds using Fulmen as bait, indicating that it may not rely on traditional sources of food.


  • The Avanc's name may derive from the mythological Welsh creature known as an Afanc, which is variously described as resembling a crocodile, a beaver, or a dwarf-like creature.