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Bartoll is a large island within the boundaries of the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth, although it is not known if the Cray have direct control over the island's affairs.


Bartoll is a mountainous, forested island over 100 miles in length, with a jagged gray coastline covered in "dead, salt-blasted husks" of trees. Roughly 25 miles inland, there are dark forests clinging to the sides of gullies.

Notable locations[]

The island is famous for the 25 mile-long Cyrhussine Bridge, located at the northern tip of the island roughly 100 miles from the rim of Salkrikaltor.


  • During The Scar, Johannes Tearfly remarked that visiting the island would have been "asking for trouble"; it is not clear whether this remark refers to the detour it would have required or the danger of the island.

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