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Benjamin Flex was a former editor of the New Crobuzon underground newspaper Runagate Rampant in 1774.


Benjamin Flex was a prominent writer and distributor of dissident literature in the slums of New Crobuzon, and ran the newsletter Runagate Rampant as editor. As an advocate for collective action and anti-government agitation, Flex was a known figure, and would pass journalistic assignments to his friend Derkhan Blueday. His eventual death, a result of extensive militia torture, is the final straw for the previously reserved Blueday to take up arms and assist Isaac in ending the Midsummer Nightmare.

In the 20 years between Perdido Street Station and Iron Council, the death of Benjamin Flex has been used as the basis for more overt anti-government protest art. He has become a martyr to people like the members of The Flexible Puppet Theater, who tell inflammatory versions of popular mythology like the death of Jack Half-a-Prayer.

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