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Bentham Rudgutter was the mayor of New Crobuzon as of 1779, during Perdido Street Station. He was a member of the Fat Sun party.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]



Rudgutter was elected mayor sometime prior to 1779 and was known for his excellent political canny and his ability to slice the pie of taxes and kickbacks very finely. He was able to summon The Weaver and was on amicable terms with the ambassador of the Czar of Hell.

After the events of Perdido Street Station, Rudgutter lost some of his grip on power due to his experiment with Dreamshit and his role in the Plague of Nightmares, although he remained in office for several more years.


Rudgutter suffered from an unusual ailment that caused his eyes to decay in his head, necessitating that Rudgutter source his replacement eyes from political prisoners as needed. The prisoners' corpses were left around sewer outlets in the poorer areas of New Crobuzon, leading to talk of the "Eyespy Killer".


Rudgutter passed away in 1796 and was succeeded by his Home Secretary, Eliza Stem-Fulcher, as mayor.

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