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Bered Kai Nev is a large continent located far to the east of Rohagi. The continent is known for its harsh conditions, hostile wildlife, and as the origin of the Khepri who have largely immigrated to New Crobuzon.


The ancient khepri empires of Bered Kai Nev clashed with the Ghosthead Empire during their rule, 3,000 years prior to Anno Urbis 1779. They succeeded in holding off the Ghosthead through sheer force of numbers until the Ghosthead Empire's eventual decline and fall.

In the modern day, Bered Kai Nev was first discovered by New Crobuzon merchant-explorer Seemly, captain of the Fervent Mantis, sometime prior to AU 1049.

Khepri migration[]

The khepri originate from Bered Kai Nev. Many, but not all, of the Khepri in Rohagi fled Bered Kai Nev during an event known as the Ravening around 1689, a migration now termed the Tragic Crossing. Following the Ravening, most of Khepri civilization was lost or destroyed, and the migrants to Rohagi deliberately forgot thousands of years of their history. Explorers to Bered Kai Nev report seeing primitive Khepri on the continent's shores.

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