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A Bio-thaumaturge, also known as a bio-philosopher, is a subset of thaumaturge who is proficient in the modification and repair of living creatures.


Bio-thaumaturgy is capable of a wide range of feats, from enhancing the size of animals, as in the case of Remade whale-transports known as ictineos, to adding gills and finger-webbing as in the case of Tanner Sack.

In practice, bio-thaumaturgy is much like thaumaturgically-assisted surgery. Assistants are often needed to monitor oxygen and blood pressure, as well as assist the bio-thaumaturge with holding tools and managing the subjects. Skilled bio-thaumaturges can use the Clayflesh Hex, normally reserved for careful Remaking, in combat, although this requires considerable concentration and energy.

Physiological impacts on users[]

Bio-thaumaturgy involves the development and training of invisible, thaumaturgical musculature which only manifests during the usage of thaumaturgy. In especially skilled thaumaturges, such as New Crobuzon University Department Head Montague Vermishank, the development of this invisible musculature can lead to the appearance of having an excess layer of white necrotic flesh when not being put to use.


New Crobuzon[]

In New Crobuzon, bio-thaumaturgy is associated with the punishment of Remaking, which takes place in so-called "punishment factories". New Crobuzon bio-thaumaturges are view with fear and distrust, and skilled bio-thaumaturges are suspected of honing their skills on condemned prisoners.


In Armada, bio-thaumaturgy is used to repair injuries and undo the Remakings of new Armadan citizens. In some cases, Armadans can voluntarily have themselves Remade by bio-thaumaturges.

Known bio-thaumaturges[]

  • Montague Vermishank - Head of Department at New Crobuzon University and a respected bio-thaumaturge.
  • Calligine - A historical bio-thaumaturge who fashioned himself wings, with which he is believed to have flown to the Cacotopic Stain.