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Brock Marsh, also called the Scientific Quarter, is a low area in the most ancient part of New Crobuzon, wedged between the River Canker and the River Tar, near where the two rivers merge into the Gross Tar. Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin has located his laboratory in this section of the city.


Brock Marsh is renowned for its scientific population, and its businesses include private libraries, book binders, herbalists, renting libraries, glassware and copper tubing makers, along with a host of other artisans. This area of the city is the oldest throughout the whole of New Crobuzon, so its dated architecture reflects the district's age.

Notable Businesses[]

Popular pubs include The Dying Child on Umber Promenade, as well as The Moon's Daughters near Danechi's Bridge, which connects Brock Marsh and Bonetown.

Denizens of Brock Marsh[]

Brock Marsh is home to various scientists and thinkers, including physicists, chimerists, biophilosophers and teratologists, chymists, karcists, metallurgists, and Vodyanoi shamans. Many of these citizens use the district as their base for running businesses, conducting research and meeting with other academics. Brock Marsh is largely home to non-residential buildings, which demonstrates its function to be predominantly commercial.