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The Brucolac is the vampir leader of Dry Fall riding, Armada, and the former captain of Dry Fall's flagship, the Uroc.


The Brucolac is tall and young-looking, built like a dancer. His skin is freckled and the color of pale ash. The Brucolac's hair is described as dark, long, and very tightly curled, hanging in unruly locks from his scalp.


The Brucolac was originally from the far northern city of High Cromlech. Like all vampir in that city, the Brucolac was considered nothing more than a junkie, coming out at night to beg for blood from the living. At some point in his centuries-long life, the Brucolac was able to sail the Uroc away from High Cromlech and travel around the continent, before the ship was incorporated into Aramada.

The Brucolac and fellow former High Cromlech resident Uther Doul once counted each other as friends, but their relationship has soured over time over due to Doul's association with the Lovers, whom the Brucolac despises. Despite this limited animosity, both mutually respect one another and often meet to discuss various matters in secret.

Events of The Scar[]

During the events of The Scar, the Brucolac secretly plots against the leadership of Armada, the Lovers. To that end, he provides shelter to Silas Fennec, unbeknownst to him a New Crobuzon spy, and foments unrest against against the Lovers.

Despite his dislike of them as leaders, the Brucolac attempts to assist Armada's forces in fending off the New Crobuzon Navy, when they are led to Armada by Silas Fennec. However, given that the battle against New Crobuzon happens while there is still light, Brucolac and his fellow vampir are unable to assist in the battle and arrive too late to have an impact on the battle's outcome.

Several days after the battle, the Brucolac, with his vampir underlings and the assistance of the Grindylow, attempts to lead a mutiny against the Lovers and prevent Armada from making the potentially-fatal journey to The Scar. While the Grindylow manage to kidnap Silas Fennec, the Bruolac's mutiny is unsuccessful. Many of his vampir cadre are killed, and the Brucolac himself is tied to the mast of the Grand Easterly.

For days after the failed mutiny, the Brucolac's screams can be heard as the sun burns his flesh, while the nights do not give him quite enough time to fully heal from his wounds. This persists until the people of Armada revolt against the Lovers, and Uther Doul orders the Brucolac freed and returned to his position as head of Dry Fall.


  • The Brucolac's name may derive from the mythical Greek and Salento-Italian creature Vrykolakas, known as "brucolaco" in Salento culture.

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