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The Cacotopic Stain, also referred to as the Cacotopos, is a large Torque zone in the mid-southeast of the Rohagi continent. It opened around 550 years prior to the events of Perdido Street Station.


Except for the fringes, the Cacotopic Stain is largely impassible, owing to grave risk of Torque sickness and the increasingly hostile wildlife as one approaches the center.

The fringes of the Stain still carry the risk of Torque contamination and also host incredibly fast vermiform predators, echinoid rexes, and inchmen. The geography of the outskirts themselves is also dangerous: spontaneously-hardening smokestone is known to instantaneously entomb any creature unfortunate enough to be caught in a plume when it hardens, and Torque often warps the terrain around the area without warning.