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Cactacae are large, muscular, prickly plant-like humanoids who are greenish in color. They possess several distinctive biological features that differentiate them from humans, specifically the fact that sap runs through their veins, rather than blood.


Cactacae are cactus-people of immense, clumsy strength, often seven or eight feet tall. Their fibrous vegetable flesh is tough to wound except with their blade-hurling rivebows, and their physical attributes make them valued among labor teams, ship crews, and fighting forces.

Life Cycle[]

Cactacae begin as bulbs planted in the ground, growing into humanoids several months after being planted. The bulbs require a humid, well-lit environment in order to mature properly.

The Tardy[]

In some cactacae cultures, such as the cactacae of the northern Galaggi Veldt, magicks are used to keep a few bulbs in a coma for months beyond the normal incubation period. These "ge'ain", or Tardy, are significantly larger than normal cactcae and often sport fused fingers, thickened skin, and bent wooden bones. The Tardy also have sharper senses than regular cactacae. As a result, the Tardy are often used as scouts and lookouts for the cactacae tribes.

Population Distribution[]

While cactacae populations are quite distributed, the cactacae population of New Crobuzon is concentraed in the semi-autonomous Glasshouse, a massive dome inside the Riverskin District that contains several multi-storied buildings. Other cactacae settlements include the city of Dreer Samheer and surrounding villages.


  • The Cactacae first appeared during the rule of the Ghosthead Empire, although the correlation is unknown.

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