Cactacae are large, muscular, prickly plant-like humanoids who are greenish in color. They posess several distinctive biological features that differ them from humans, specifically the fact that sap runs through their veins, rather than blood.


Cactus-people of immense, clumsy strength, often seven or eight feet tall. Their fibrous vegetable flesh is tough to wound except with their blade-hurling rivebows, and their physical attributes make them valued among labor teams, ship crews, and fighting forces. While cactacae populations are quite distributed, the New Crobuzon population is centered around the semi-autonomous Glasshouse , a dome inside the city that is large enough to contain multi-storied buildings. Elsewhere, cactacae settlements include the city of Dreer Samheer , and some villages in the area of ((them plains the militia passes through in Iron Council)).

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