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A Chelona is a species of titanic tortoise, notable for being able to grow several hundred yards long. Chelona are native to the Galaggi Veldt surrounding Tesh, where some cultures have built large towns on their shells.

Chelona towns[]

Like normal tortoises, chelona have large keratin shells in various mottled colors. In the case of chelona towns, the keratin growth of the shells can be reshaped over centuries into towers, streets, houses, and tunnels.

Chelona towns in the Galaggi Veldt are populated by both humans and a species of bipedal beetles roughly the size of children.

Events of Iron Council[]

During Judah Low, Elsie, Cutter, Drogon, and Pomeroy's search for the Iron Council, they find a chelona town that has been killed by New Crobuzon Militia. Low and his group are able to protect a small group of survivors from a Militia death squad, although several of the survivors are later killed by the Militia when they fall behind Low's group.


  • "Chelona" is derived from Cheloniidae, a family of large marine turtles.

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