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The Cold Claw Sea is a frigid inland sea that dominates the eastern interior of Rohagi. The Cold Claw Sea is home to several settlements, including the notorious Gengris, as well as the Vodyanoi city-states of Jangsach and Gharcheltist. The southeastern side of the sea, in the vicinity of the Gengris, is secured with Grindylow fortresses and other fortifications to ward off outsiders.


The Cold Claw Sea is the largest of three connected bodies of water. As the sea extends to the southwest, it narrows into the Cold Claw Sound before widening again into the Cold Claw Loch.

The sea is separated from the Rime Ocean by a narrow isthmus, which at some points is less than 40 miles wide. The isthmus is composed of various types of rock and riddled with tunnels into the larger ocean.

City-states and Settlements[]

  • The Gengris - A city-state populated almost exclusively by the Grindylow. The city is known for its strange and largely incomprehensible culture and rules. Despite the danger, there are several human and vodyanoi traders who live and work in the Gengris.
  • Jangsach - A vodyanoi city-state at the very north of the sea.
  • Gharcheltist - Another vodyanoi city-state, located in the Cold Claw loch.
  • Kar Torrer Kingdom - A large country occupying part of the peninsula between the Cold Claw Sea, the Cold Claw Sound, and the Cold Claw Loch. Not much is known about the kingdom.
  • Yanni Seckilli Island - A minor power in the sea, hemmed in by the vodyanoi and grindylow city-states.

Events of The Scar[]

Prior to the events of The Scar, New Crobuzon Procurator Silas Fennec conducted a feasibility study for the creation of a canal through the isthmus. This canal would connect the Rime Ocean to the Cold Claw Sea and enable trade between New Crobuzon and the settlements on northern Rohagi.