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A Colourbomb is an explosive device that is notorious for its destructive power. Colourbombs were first recorded as being used in 1545, at the end of the Pirate Wars, by New Crobuzon against the rival city-state of Suroch. The science behind colourbombs was lost in the intervening years, but allegedly rediscovered by Tesh, which used them during the Tesh-New Crobuzon War.

History of usage[]

During the end of the Pirate Wars, New Crobuzon dropped four colourbombs in an attempt to cover up the effects of the Torque bombing of Suroch. This was only partially successful, as two of the four colourbombs failed to detonate properly for reasons unknown and the fourth landed off the coast of the city. The remaining colourbomb only succeeded in destroying the central square mile of Suroch, leaving the surrounding territory unaffected.

Later, around 1804, the city-state of Tesh is suspected to have used at least one colourbomb against the New Crobuzon Militia during the Tesh-New Crobuzon War. At this time, removal of affected limbs from survivors was the recommended treatment for the effects of a colourbomb.


Colourbombs have great explosive power in addition to other, more esoteric effects. While colourbombs are likely fatal for anyone caught in the center of the explosion, for those caught at the fringes of a colourbomb effects include one's limbs being bleached grey and loss of function.