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A Construct is a type of clockwork automaton, created as servants and soldiers for New Crobuzon's population. They receive instructions through punch cards and are capable of a variety of jobs, from intense mathematical calculations to manual labor.

Construct Council[]

See: Construct Council

Through unpredictable errors accumulating in the Constructs' programming, a rare few gained sentience - and became the Construct Council, which then worked to swell its numbers by infecting more and more constructs with its AI-like programming.

When Parliament finally discovered the existence and severity of the problem, the Construct War was initiated, wiping out the construct population in a matter of weeks, apart from a very small number of servants for well-connected people and an unknown number of soldier-constructs stored by Parliament and later used to assist in the Collective's defeat.

Post-Construct War[]

Since the Construct Wars, assuredly mindless golems have filled the abandoned niche left behind by the constructs' eradication.

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