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The Construct Council was an agglomeration of Constructs in a gestalt entity. Up until its destruction by the New Crobuzon Militia during the Construct War, the Council worked to swell its numbers and expand its knowledge by infecting more and more constructs with its AI-like programming.


The Council gained sentience through unpredictable errors accumulating in several constructs' programming resulting from computer viruses. Over time, the council added more and more constructs to itself, and even gained human and xenian followers who worked to expand its network. These followers, who called themselves the "Godmech Cogs", worked discreetly around the city.

The Council communicates to its followers and other non-constructs through a spokesman - a corpse that has had the top of its skull removed, and various wires inserted to allow the Council to speak. The Council claims that the spokesman was merely a corpse when it was first utilized as a mouthpiece.

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin's cleaning construct is secretly fed a program by one of the Godmech Cogs, which infects it with the Council's virus. The cleaning construct alerts Isaac and his group to David Serachin's betrayal, and later guides them to the Council, which resides in a junkyard.

The Construct Council becomes interested in the Crisis Engine that Isaac is developing for Yagharek, and provides assistance to the group on the condition that Isaac deliver the engine to it on completion. Although Isaac agrees to its deal, he secretly decides to betray the Council when he deduces that the spokesman must have been alive when he was turned into a mouthpiece, and that the Council is dangerously indifferent to human existence while also understanding how to manipulate them.

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