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The Construct War was a conflict between the New Crobuzon Militia and the forces of the Construct Council that took place in 1792. The conflict lasted for several weeks and resulted in the destruction of the Council and the decommissioning of all remaining constructs in New Crobuzon.

Events of the Construct War[]

At some point, the militia realized that some of the constructs had gained sentience and eventually resorted to destroying the Council and its factory, located in the dumps in Griss Twist, with artillery barrages followed by wrecking teams. Riots against the constructs also occurred, which destroyed both infected and uninfected constructs.

Aftermath of the war[]

As a result of the war, all remaining difference engines and constructs in New Crobuzon are strictly licensed and controlled. Golems have succeeded constructs as household laborers, and somaturgy has become a profitable specialty.