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Cray are amphibious ocean-dwellers with human upper bodies. Most Cray live in the southern portion of Rohagi, around the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth. They use domesticated squids to hunt.


Cray appear human from the waist up (with the exception of protruding gills behind the ears), but have the lower bodies of immense lobsters. The Cray are amphibious ocean dwellers capable of surviving in air for several hours.

There are several variants of Cray language spoken around Rohagi.

Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth[]

The vast majority of Cray belong to the Salkrikaltor Cray Commonwealth and its eponymous capital, which rivals New Crobuzon itself in size. The Commonwealth controls a large area of the Swollen Ocean and maintains good diplomatic relations with New Crobuzon, with whom they trade fruit, alcohol, and other goods.

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