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New Crobuzon has several different forms of currency. The exact value of some denominations relative to others is unclear.

Common Currencies[]

  • Mark - Appears to be small in value, likely less than a stiver.
  • Stiver - Small in value; possibly ten or twelve stivers in a shekel.
  • Shekel - Moderate value, 1 shekel may be higher than average wages for a day's labor; In Perdido Street Station, Isaac offers some ghetto garuda a shekel per day as payment to be his study subjects, and they consider this a decent offer.
  • Guinea - Large, and available in paper form; ten guineas is too much money for several doses of a rare street drug, dreamshit.
  • Noble - Its value is ambiguous, but seems to be more than a shekel.

Other Currencies[]

  • Gold is also used as money, and it is valuable. Yagharek pays Isaac in gold, and a handful of gold nuggets is apparently an astonishing amount of money.
  • There are other articles of trade available in New Crobuzon; for instance, the unnamed "merchandise" offered by Mayor Rudgutter to the ambassador of Hell.