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Dog Fenn is one of New Crobuzon's poorer districts, primarily known for having the last operating station on the skyrail, Dog Fenn Station, as well as for its brothels and markets filled with stolen goods.


The illicit newspaper, the Runagate Rampant, operates out of Dog Fenn. The area is also filled with numerous pamphleteers who hand their papers to every passerby, and the district is a frequent location for civic unrest, although poor folk are rarely targeted.

During the events of Iron Council, Dog Fenn was considered to be the start of the Collective's revolution.

Notable Industries[]

The confluence of New Crobuzon's River Canker and River Tar into the Gross Tar, which passes through Dog Fenn, has led to a sort of cottage industry of dredgers and river-fishers who sift through the heavily polluted waters for any flotsam they can salvage and sell.

Dog Fenn Station[]

Dog Fenn Station is the last operating platform on the rail line. It is a heavily rundown station, with rusted doors and ticket takers who seldom show up to work. Despite its dilapidation, trains still stop at the station.