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Dreer Samher is a small Cactacae city on the southernmost tip of the Cymek Desert.


Dreer Samher is both a mercantile and pirate city, and the two often blend together. Its sailors are known to pillage ships passing through the waters around the city, only to turn into traders and merchants once they pull into a foreign harbor.[1]

Sailing Culture[]

Dreer Samher ships are crewed by chimpanzees, trained to obey whistled and shouted commands. This arrangement owes to the large build of the cactacae sailors, who are unable to climb the rigging. When raiding other ships, the boarding parties carry rivebows and enormous boarding axes that often intimidate the opposing crews into surrendering without a fight.[2]

Despite, or because of, their fearsome reputation, Dreer Samher sailors are gifted storytellers.[2]

Foreign Relations[]

Dreer Samher sailors are often hired as guards for the anophelii by Gnurr Kett, with whom they also trade. Sailors from Dreer Samher also function as privateers for other powers.[2]


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