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"He nodded at them, touching the front of his brimmed hat. He was the colour of the dust. His jerkin sun-bleached, his trousers of buck leather and the chaps smoking with dirt. He had a rifle below his shabrack. On each hip he wore a pepperpot revolver."
—Drogon meets Cutter and his group

Drogon is a whispersmith and one of the supporting characters in Iron Council. He first contacts Cutter in a village outside of the Rudewood, and later more formally meets them following the group's defeat of a militia death squad near the Ragamoll Gulf.


Drogon has been a vaquero for twenty years, an occupation that shows in his style and choice of clothing. When he meets Cutter's group during their journey into central Rohagi, Drogon wears a sun-bleached jerkin and buck leather trousers.

Whether a habit or the result of his thaumaturgical specialty, Drogon talks only in whispers to individuals.

Events of Iron Council[]

During the events of Iron Council, Drogon secretly assists Cutter's group, consisting of Elsie, Pomeroy, Drey, and Fejh, with getting past a group of fReemade bandits in the Mendican Foothills on the outskirts of the Rudewood. After the group finds an airship that takes them to Myrshock, Drogon whispers to Cutter again, instructing him and his group to board a small merchant ship, the Akif, knowing that the group needed to hijack a ship to get them further west.