Bas-Lag Wiki

There are a wide variety of narcotics and other drugs in Bas-Lag. This page is a collection of a few of the more common substances found in Bas-Lag.

New Crobuzon[]

New Crobuzon boasts a teeming underground drug supply supported by various criminal groups. Many of these drugs can readily be found in the city's less wealthy districts.

  • Dreamshit - A hallucinogenic narcotic produced by slake moths. It is composed of digested sentience, and gives the user a jumble of visions derived from the memories of the Slake Moth's prey.
  • Shazbah - A common powdered drug that acts as a stimulant. It is often cut with soot and rat-poison. It is usually sold in small packets.
  • Tusk - A drug provided by Motley's gang. It has no effect on khepri.
  • Quinner - A depressant drug that produces a sedative effect, sometimes taken in combination with shazbah. Some chocolates sold in some stores in Salacus Fields are laced with it.
  • Very-tea - A common drug that acts as a stimulant. Very-tea is provided by several rival gangs, including Motley's and Ma Francine's. It produces visual and olfactory hallucinations.