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Dry Fall is a vampir-ruled riding of Armada which borders the haunted quarter. Its rulers, the Brucolac and his cadre of vampir, are opposed to the Lovers' plans.


Dry Fall is a "protectorate" ruled by the Brucolac, a benevolent vampir who survives by enacting a rotating blood-tax (referred to as a gore-tax) on his citizens. In exchange, the riding is well-maintained, peaceful, welcoming of political input from its citizenry, and promises a more free and comfortable life than most ridings.


  • Uroc - The flagship of Dry Fall riding. The Uroc was formerly the Brucolac's own personal vessel, which he sailed to Armada from High Cromlech.
  • Sudden Understanding - A large ship controlled by both the Dry Fall and Thee-and-Thine ridings, whose murky borders lie around its forecastle.

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