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An Elemental is a creature composed of the stuff the world is made of, sapient to an uncertain degree and formed entirely from a single substance.


There is some debate over how elementals come to be, and whether elementals can form of "artificial" materials such as concrete, but all are most certainly extant, dangerous, and powerful. Elementarii, thaumaturges specializing in the control of these beings, summon them out of ordinary materials and direct them in an uneasy balance of power, wielding specialized, thaumaturgically-enhanced whips known as gnoscourges.


Elementals are extremely difficult to destroy without resort to thaumaturgy, as their uniform substance can shift and flow around almost anything. They are sometimes capable of taking on more of the appropriate material as they encounter it, to an extent.


  • Fegkarion - A near-mythical moonlight elemental. It is a potent weapon in combat.
  • Fulmen - Elytrical elementals. They often accompany thunderstorms, although they are present in lesser numbers wherever there is elyctricity.
  • Luftgeist - Air elementals who float on the winds. Alone, they can burst the lungs of their targets - in numbers, they are capable of taking down airships.
  • Proasm - Flesh elementals who grow in mass and power with each body they gut.
  • Salinae - Salt water elementals. Salinae talk in a fluid, ceaseless language that none can understand.
  • Shudner - Presumably earth elementals.
  • Undine - Fresh water elementals popularly used by Vodyanoi for a variety of purposes. They are equally capable of drowning opponents or being used to keep clothing clean.
  • Yag - Fire elementals. The size of a yag is dependent on the size of the fire used to attract them, although elite elementarii are capable of summoning large yags without large fires.

Other Elementals[]

Metal, sun, wood, and darkness elementals are mentioned in passing, but not by their proper names. In addition, similar creatures made of artificial materials such as concrete or glass have disputed elemental status. As the name implies, elementals could be a natural part of the universe that come into being from any relatively uniform substance or less tangible material.


  • Not to be confused with golems, which are matter imbued with mindless purpose by a sapient creator. Elementals are intelligent beings, though it is unclear whether elementarii summon or create them, and whether any elementals aside from fulmen and salinae (e.g. those undines cooperating with vodyanoi) exist independent of elementarii or similar thaumaturges.