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An elementarius (plural elementarii) is a thaumaturge specializing in the summoning and control of elementals. It is unclear whether "elementarii" is a general name for thaumaturges who use elementals in combat, or if it refers specifically to those elementalists in the New Crobuzon Militia.


Elementarii use their thaumaturgical power, occasionally with the aid of specialized devices, to call forth latent elementals from the substances around them. In contrast to golemetrists, who create life out of formerly non-living matter, elementarii are simply enticing, or coercing, the aid of the intelligent and ever-present elements.

Militia Elementarii[]

The Elementarii of New Crobuzon are known for being especially skilled in summoning and are considered one of the most elite units in the militia. During their pursuit of the Iron Council, the Elementarii are able to begin summoning a moonlight elemental, a Fegkarion, which most consider to be a myth.


The elementarii of New Crobuzon wear standard militia uniforms and, in at least one case, travel on Remade horses. In lieu of heavy weaponry and vehicles, the elementarii carry thaumaturically-enhanced whips known as Gnoscourges, which allow them to summon, control, and in extreme cases defend themselves from various elementals.

At least one company of elementarii was also equipped with a cannon-like piece of complex thaumaturgical equipment that allowed them to summon a Fegkarion.