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Mayor Eliza Stem-Fulcher was the mayor of New Crobuzon as of 1804 and the Tesh-New Crobuzon War.[1] Previously, she had been the Home Secretary under then-mayor Bentham Rudgutter.[2] As with Rudgutter, she was a member of the Fat Sun party.[3]


Stem-Fulcher is known for the long, thin pipe that she constantly smokes. She has a face that seems untouched by age, and head of fine white hair.[1] As of the events of Perdido Street Station in 1779, she was known for wearing suits that were cut to resemble the uniform of the New Crobuzon Militia.[2]

In the novels[]

Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Stem-Fulcher served as Rudgutter's Home Secretary. When it becomes clear that the slake moths have escaped, she brings the matter to Rudgutter's attention. Later, along with Rudgutter and Sanchem Vansetty, she met with the ambassador of Hell in an attempt to enlist the help of daemons in combatting the slake moths.

Following the death of Montjohn Rescue, she suggests, among other measures, that the mayor declare martial law in a bid to control unrest and buy time to deal with the escaped moths.[2]

Events of Iron Council[]

By the time of Iron Council, Stem-Fulcher has been elected mayor of New Crobuzon. She is rumoured to covertly support the anti-Xenian efforts of the New Quill, and has enacted a new, open operation policy for the militia.

Toward the end of the novel, she is assassinated by Toro and her gang in a daring raid on the estate of Magister Legus, her lover.[1]


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