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FReemade is a blanket term for groups of Remade who have broken free from New Crobuzon for one reason or another. The term includes Remade criminals who still live within the city, Remade rebels who actively work against the New Crobuzon government, and general Remade outlaws who have left the city entirely and live by banditry and foraging around eastern Rohagi.


Events of Perdido Street Station[]

During the events of Perdido Street Station in 1779, the most well-known FReemade is Jack Half-a-Prayer, a Remade rebel with a mantis claw in place of one of his arms. Jack's group of FReemade lead antigovernment raids against New Crobuzon's parliament, often clashing with the New Crobuzon Militia.

Events of Iron Council[]

By the time of Iron Council in 1804, Jack Half-a-Prayer and his gang have faded into local legend following Jack's death. The term FReemade has expanded to include roving bands of Remade who rob travelers in the rough terrain outside of the city, although a few also travel from town to town working odd jobs and gambling.