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Fegkarion are moonlight elementals. They are generally considered the stuff of legends, although the New Crobuzon Elementarii are able to summon them.


"Its shape altered with the seconds. A fish’s skeleton, the ribs passing ripples along the length of a body like a rope of vertebrae or like some rubberised cord. And then there was something of the bear to it, and something of the rat, and it had horns, and a great weight, and it shone as if its guts and skin, its bones were phosphorus. As if it were all cold and bright rock. A firefly, a death mask, a wooden skull."
Iron Council, Ch 30

Fegkarion have amorphous and ever-shifting appearances. Because the only Fegkarion seen in the novels was in the processe of being summoned, it is not known whether the appearance of the elemental will solidify once the ritual is finished.


Summoning a Fegkarion requires an extended ritual. Elementarii first set up a cannon-like device for directing the elemental once it is summoned. This action is followed shortly after by ritually slaughtering multiple animals around the cannon and conducting thaumaturgical rites on their remains. As the process continues, the cannon draws moonlight from the moon, equally possible during the day or night, and causes the Fegkarion to begin to take form inside the barrel of the cannon.