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Flag Hill is one of New Crobuzon's wealthy districts. Recent expansion and architectural changes have seen the district unofficially divided into "Old Flag Hill" and "New Flag Hill".


Flag Hill, as the name suggests, is a hill district. The area has traditionally been home to bankers, captains of industry, government officials, and wealthy artists. At the top of the hill are the wealthy, old money houses; these feature wide-open ways and beautiful houses that tower over the streets, with shared gardens behind them. Flowering trees and banyans emerge from black paving.

Following the removal of poor residents from the slum around the base of the hill, a few streets were made into a sort of "slum museum" featuring preserved buildings, with physical and thaumaturgical bracing reinforcing damage and preventing further decay, as well as historical plaques. On other streets, buildings were reconfigured into "base cottages" where newer wealthy could live, featuring stone rather than the brick construction common on the top of the hill.


Until roughly 15 years prior to Iron Council in 1804, Flag Hill's lower slopes held lower-income housing, built by decree of Mayor Tremulo the Reformer as part of his "social merging" scheme for veterans following the end of the Pirate Wars. Despite Tremulo's efforts, resistance to his policies meant funding for the construction dried up, and the area decayed into poverty.