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The Fractured Land, also known as the Broken Country, is a near-mythological location, located several thousand miles away from the Rohagi continent and New Crobuzon on the opposite end of the Empty Ocean, to the south. It was created from the force of impact during the initial arrival of the Ghosthead.


The nature of the Fractured Land is unclear. There are some indications that the area is a large Torque zone, while other indications point toward the effects of a massive Possibility seam. In either case, the area is extremely hazardous.


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The Fractured Land is home to a variety of incredibly dangerous flora and fauna, including slake moths, dreadcurs, and lightfungus.


The Fractured Land is home to at least a few unnamed civilizations, as well as enough sentient beings for the evolution of creatures, like the slake moths, that feed exclusively on sentience.

During the events of Perdido Street Station, Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin ingests dreamshit and sees himself flying over a "spiky town" while a six-year old girl laughs in a foreign language; he also witnesses cities, towns, and villages with languages he has never heard before. As dreamshit is the digested memories and dreams of the slake moths' prey, it is possible that some of these locations are in the Fractured Land.


Despite the conditions of the Fractured Land and the hostile currents of the Empty Ocean that borders the Scar, which in turn makes travel to the land exceedingly difficult, goods from the Fractured Land have made their way to New Crobuzon via direct or indirect trade with the Shards.


  • If the memory of the spiky town does indeed originate from the Fractured Land, then the fact that Isaac was able to identify the age and gender of the girl indicates that humans also inhabit the Fractured Land. Furthermore, if the girl is human and living in the Fractured Land, then that would indicate that there are airships of some kind in the Fractured Land, as they would be necessary to be flying over the town.


  • The Fractured Land likely gets its name from geologist and historian Jared Diamond's "Fractured Land Hypothesis", which argues that rough, mountainous terrain in Europe precluded political unification on the scale seen in China.

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