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The Galaggi Veldt is a vast, wild grassland located on the southwest of the Rohagi continent. The area is notable for its largest city-state, Tesh, although it is also home to a wide variety of different cultures and civilizations.


The Galaggi Veldt is a large grassland area that spans from a mountain range near the Meagre Sea to the Firewater Straits. It features numerous hills as well as wide open plains, with a gentle climate that is suitable for raising wine-producing vinhogs. The fringes and environs of the veldt include sizable swamps and selva, populated by a range of strange creatures and fungi.

The laws of physics also begin to operate differently in the veldt: the terrain is filled with hidden shortcuts that seemingly take travelers between spaces, while the rain around the veldt traps the sunlight in its drops "like insects in amber", such that it appears to rain light.


The Veldt is home to many of the continent's most famous wine producers, such as House Predicus, House Charium, and House Gneura. As such, the area produces most of the oil and wine that flows into Tesh and New Crobuzon, and even makes its way to Armada on occasion.

During the Tesh-New Crobuzon War, Tesh's reliance on Galaggi wine and olive oil made the veldt a key area for the New Crobuzon Militia to control. During this time, many of the farming villages were razed and their populations massacred.


The veldt is home to numerous cultures, from nomadic towns to farming villages. These cultures include Cactacae villages, notable for their culture of raising specialized, deformed cactacae known as ge'ain as village guardians, as well as large, mobile Chelona-towns.

Events of Iron Council[]

During the events of Iron Council, Judah Low, Elsie, Cutter, Drogon, and Pomeroy travel through the Veldt during their search for the titular Iron Council. They save several chelona town inhabitants from a New Crobuzon death squad, including two wineherds, Behellua and Susullil.

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