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Garwater is the most powerful riding in Armada. During the events of The Scar, Garwater was ruled by the Lovers, who essentially dictate the course of the entire Armada. It is Garwater which spearheads Armada's effort to raise a large sea creature called an Avanc.


Garwater borders Shaddler, Booktown, Jhour, and Curhouse. It shares Croom Park's floral menagerie with the last.

Law Enforcement[]

Good behavior is maintained by loosely organized sash-wearing "yeomanry" who tend to enforce the law by lash. Dictatorial but not totalitarian, its political system has been described as "absolutist benevolence".


  • Grand Easterly - The flagship of Garwater riding. The compass factory is located in the bowels of the Grand Easterly under heavy guard.
    • Arrogance - An old, defunct airship tethered above the riding. As of The Scar, it is no longer serviceable and acts as a landmark for the city.
    • Trident - Another large airship tethered above the Grand Easterly during the few months between its construction and its immolation by the New Crobuzon attack.
  • Badmark - A barge at the outer edge of Garwater riding. The Whiskey Bridge connects it to Darioch's Concern in Shaddler riding.
  • Cable's Weft - A decaying barquentine in Garwater riding.
  • Castor - A ship in Garwater riding, Armada, where Garwater meets Shaddler and Booktown. The Castor is described as a small ship with a belfry. Inside its walls are covered with sea trophies and helios. Tintinnabulum and his team of hunter-researchers, including Angevine, live and work in the Castor.
  • Chromolith - The Chromolith is a decrepit paddleship in Garwater riding, Armada. It is a couple of ships to port of the Grand Easterly . A modified chimney here forms the quarters of Bellis Coldwine.
  • Dober - The Dober was constructed from the lower half of a hollowed out blue whale carcass, preserved and solidified by unknown methods. It could not support permanent structures, but tarpaulins and poles formed some quality beer tents.
  • Gigue - A ship with an industrial district at its fore spewing out smoke and chymicals.
  • Glomar's Heart - A steamer containing the Boulevard St. Carcheri. It is described as "a shabby-opulent promenade of gently colored streetlamps, knotted rustwood trees, and stucco facades."
  • Hoddling - A factory ship at the Grand Easterly's bow.
  • Jarvee - A schooner located between the Chromolith and the Lynx Sejant. It is "crowded with little kiosks selling tobacco and sweets".
  • Lynx Sejant - A barquentine located between the Jarvee and Taffeta Bridge. Its deck is "full of silk merchants selling offcuts from Armada's piracy."
  • Magda's Threat - A ship from Garwater riding, Armada, that sank with all hands in the Firewater Straits. During the events of The Scar, Silas Fennec forges a record to show that the compass he has stolen was installed on this ship and thus lost at sea.
  • Plengant - A submersible in Garwater riding, Armada, adjacent to the Grand Easterly on its starboard side, studded with trees.
  • Raddletongue - A large and very ancient vessel in Garwater riding. The Raddletongue holds the ruins of marble temples, as well as a restaurant known as the Unrealized Time. It is adjacent to the Urchinspine Docks, "Armada's second harbor" after the larger Basilio, also in Garwater.
  • Shadeskinner - A clipper in the suburbs of Garwater riding, Armada. It had no houses on its decks and no taverns, cafes or brothels.
  • Sorghum - a mobile deep-sea drilling rig stolen from New Crobuzon.
  • Surge Instigant - A ship in Garwater riding, Armada. On it were Garwater's "less salubrious byways": Needle Street, Blodmead Street and the Wattlandaub Maze.
  • Terpsichoria - A former New Crobuzon ship that was carrying Remade prisoners to Nova Esperium, along with a few passengers including Bellis Coldwine and Johannes Tearfly.
  • Tolpandy - A ship in Garwater riding, adjacent to the Castor and Shaddler riding.

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