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The Gengris is a state to the north of New Crobuzon,located in the southeastern tip of the Cold Claw Sea. It is a cold, dark, half-drowned island that is largely, but not completely, hostile to outsiders. The Gengris is the home of the Grindylow and a demonym for the race.


The Gengris has at least two Grindylow cities. Per Silas Fennec, the most striking features of the cities are the malachite chapels, pabulum towers, limb farms, and forced-labor bile workshops, where transgressors are ground down. Areas of the cities are also home to farms where humans are bred for obscure Grindylow purposes.


The Gengris is primarily home to the Grindylow and groac'h, although traders and merchants from a few other races, primarily Vodyanoi and to a much lesser extent Human, live among them.


See Grindylow


The perimeter of the country is protected by Grindylow fortresses and redoubts, as expected of a reclusive race that usually shuns outsiders. Grindylow weapons are not described in detail, but it is known that it takes around six months to grow and harvest them.

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