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The Ghosthead are a race of extraplanar entities that once ruled over Bas-Lag, a period of time known as the Ghosthead Empire.


The Ghosthead originated from an incredibly inhospital area far to the east of known Bas-Lag. Possibly as a result of their harsh living conditions, the Ghosthead were masters of Possibility science. The Ghosthead rule ended roughly 3,000 years prior to the events of Perdido Street Station.


Ghosthead scholar Uther Doul noted the difficulty of describing the Ghosthead, calling any attempt at physical description "fallacious". The few descriptions of the Ghosthead that are given by other sources are tenuous and unclear - in one account, they are described as "human, with ghostlike heads, occasionally tentacular", in another, "invisible but clearly cephalopodish, with insectile heads and mechanical ovipositors".


The exact location of the Ghosthead homeland is unclear. While the Ghosthead are described as extraplanar, Doul's descriptions of their homeland point to them living on the same "infinite plateau" as Bas-Lag, simply further to the east than could ever be traveled by land or air.

The weather is incredibly harsh, marked by a sunrise that melts stone and metal and vaporises seas and a night that freezes the gasses in the air.

Post-Imperial Existence[]

Although the Ghosthead were driven off Bas-Lag by the Contumacy roughly three thousand years prior to Anno Urbis 1779, it is widely believed that the Ghosthead continue to exist in their homeland. It is not known how to contact them nor how to guard against their return.