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"Then, oh, fast, some of the militia spun their whips, and the gnoscourges flailed much too long like serpentine presences momentarily alive and playing with space, flicked the rumps of the yags that squealed in voices like burning and came back at a terrible rate, headed for the newcomers."
— Description of the elementarii defending themselves with Yags

A Gnoscourge is a type of whip, crafted to occult specifications by elementarii for use in controlling and directing the Elementals they summon.


Gnoscourges are used for both directing summoned elementals and for defending the summoner against them, should the elemental begin to rebel or otherwise escape the summoner's control.

The occult whips are able to extend and contract through magicks and, in the hands of skilled users, can move with such fluidity that the whips appear to have a sort of serpentine life of their own. When used, they appear to spark with "dark light".


  • "Gno" is a prefix meaning "to know", while "scourge" is a type of whip. Thus, a "gnoscourge" could mean "a whip used by those who know".

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