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A Golem is the name for a nonliving creature created from various matter and elements that have been animated by a specialized Thaumaturge, known as a golemetrist. In the wake of the Construct War, golems have supplanted constructs as the primary source of maintenance and labor in New Crobuzon.


A skilled golemetrist, such as Judah Low, can create a golem out of any element or material around them, including but not limited to stone, fire, gunpowder, air, corpses, and time. These golems require energy on the part of the creator when they first take form, but are self-sufficient afterwards. Golems can be created to self-assemble when certain conditions are met, such as the golem-traps set by Low in the Iron Council's trail for the New Crobuzon Militia who were following them.

Types of golems[]

  • Time golem - Used by the Stiltspear hunters to freeze prey in time, with a duration of a few seconds. Judah Low was also capable of creating time golems.
  • Flesh golem - Created from corpses or other sources of flesh.
  • Light golem - Created from light with the help of a golem mirror. This golem only exists for as long as the the mirror shines light on it.

Pre-fabricated golems[]

In addition to conventional, ad-hoc golems, the New Crobuzon Militia use pre-fabricated golems - essentially portable thaumaturgically-animated weapons that can be assembled and deployed in seconds. These golems are constructed with leather wings, extending steel tubes that form into limbs, and sharp metal talons.