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The Grand Easterly was once an impractically large New Crobuzon warship, constructed at the end of the city's golden age, the Full Years.


At the end of the Full Years, the New Crobuzon parliament commissioned the construction of the Grand Easterly as a display of technological and military power. The ship combined several different propulsion systems, including paddles, oars, sails, and screw propellers - the combination of which ended up diminishing the ship's effective movement.

The ship ineffectually sailed the seas for several years until the onset of the Pirate Wars, where it fought several engagements before it was believed to have sunk. However, in truth the ship was acquired by the forces of Armada.

Incorporation into Armada[]

The Grand Easterly is currently the flagship of Garwater, stronghold of the Lovers, and the largest ship in Armada. Directions throughout Armada are given relative to the Grand Easterly (for'd, aft, star'd, and port).

Compass Factory[]

Deep inside the Grand Easterly, a strange stone of mysterious origin attracts the needles of Armada's metaclockwork and thaumaturgical compasses: the godrock. It is also one of the five ships tethered to the Avanc's harness by means of a powerful underwater chain.