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The Hidden Ocean, also known as the Empty Ocean, is a large body of water that surrounds The Scar. It is notable for the strong currents and winds that flow outward from the Empty Ocean, and for its other unnatural features.


The Hidden Ocean is inhospitable to travelers: its conditions makes compasses unreliable, causing them to lose north for minutes at a time, and the air and water currents are chaotic, shifting unpredictably across a distance of meters. Even the horizon can change distance significantly and without warning, making it difficult to gauge speed and progress.

Without a large source of locomotive power, like an avanc, the currents that border the ocean make it impossible for most ships to even enter its waters, let alone navigate them.

Native creatures[]

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The hidden ocean is home to numerous and uncategorized forms of life, including piasa, or living whirlpools that actively hunt for prey, as well as a semisentient form of bladderweed capable of locomotion.