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This is a list of historical mayors of New Crobuzon, organized chronologically. The mayor is the effective head of state in New Crobuzon, indirectly elected by the people of the city on their party ticket. The mayor strongly influences the city's foreign and domestic policy.

Since New Crobuzon's founding in 0 AU, the city has seen a succession of mayors, only a few of which are notable enough to bear mentioning.


Dagman Beyn[]

Beyn was elected more than two hundred years prior to the events of Perdido Street Station. He served a very brief term. Beyn was the first mayor with access to the Weaver, which he used as both a source of information and for the occasional assassination. His term ended prematurely, and it is believed that Beyn was killed during a conversation with the Weaver that went badly. The exact cause of death is a state secret.[1]

Dagman Beyn is also remembered for his excellent collection of miniature orchids.[2]


Tremulo "the Reformer" was elected roughly two hundred years prior to Iron Council, around the end of the Pirate Wars.[1]

He is known for his policy of "social merging", in which he decreed that modest housing for veterans of the Pirate Wars should be built around Flag Hill so that the "so that the heroes of the Pirate Wars [...] could live by those they had defended". Due to pushback from the inhabitants of Flag Hill, there was not enough financial support for construction and maintenance and the modest housing decayed into slums.[3]


Turgisadi was elected mayor roughly one hundred years after the end of the Pirate Wars. He managed to keep his grip on power after the publication of the Sacramundi Report through a series of street massacres that he ordered to control the Sacramundi riots of '89.

Turgisadi greatly expanded the size and power of the Militia following the riots, and was elected to six consecutive terms.[2]

Bentham Rudgutter[]

See: Bentham Rudgutter

Rudgutter was mayor during the events of Perdido Street Station.[1] He passed away several years after the end of the story.[2]

Eliza Stem-Fulcher[]

See: Eliza Stem-Fulcher

Stemfulcher was Rudgutter's Home Secretary and, later, successor to the office of mayor. She was largely regarded as having "few good qualities but much political cunning".[2] She was assassinated by Toro during the events of Iron Council.[3]


Triesti of the Fat Sun party is the most recent mayor of New Crobuzon. Triesti's "special election" was confirmed by Parliament in a special session due to the ongoing civil unrest caused by the Collective's rebellion against the government.

Triesti rose to prominence after crushing the Collective and all other opposition in the city. As a result of Mayor Triesti's crackdown, it is believed that thousands or even tens of thousands of victims were cast into lime pits and mass graves.[3]

During and since the uprising, Triesti has used his "special executive powers" to expand internal controls and searches, leading to run-ins with Parliament. Despite some political opposition, Triesti has recently been elected to a second term[2]


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