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An Ictineo (plural Ictineos) is a type of Remade whale-shark submersible used by the New Crobuzon Militia during the Tesh-New Crobuzon War.


Ictineos are thaumaturgically-enlarged Remade whale-sharks that function as submersible troop carriers for the Overseas Militia. At the time of Iron Council in 1805, ictineos were part of New Crobuzon's experimental icthyscaphoi.

The whale-sharks, described as the size of cathedrals, are large enough to hold an entire company of soldiers along with their equipment and vehicles.


Ictineos feature shelled exteriors, massive metal pipework, boat-sized fins that swing on oiled hinges, and dorsal rows of chimneys that emit white smoke. Their jaws are raised and lowered by "drawbridge-style" chains. Ictineos are able to crawl a short distance on land by using their massive fins as leg-stubs until the stubs shatter.

Events of Iron Council[]

Although Ictineos do not appear directly in Iron Council, they are mentioned as having dropped off a company of Elementarii in pursuit of the titular Iron Council.


  • The Ictineo I was an early wooden submarine, which derived its name from the ancient Greek ἰχθύς or ikhtys, meaning fish, and naus, meaning boat.