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Iron Bay is the largest bay on the easternmost coast of Rohagi, about ten miles from New Crobuzon. As such, Iron Bay is the first stop for ships carrying goods into the city, and one of the last stops before ships fully depart the vicinity of New Crobuzon.


Iron Bay's waters are constantly full of ships from around the vicinity of Rohagi and occasionally even Shoteka. Most ships come from Gnurr Kett, Khadoh, or Shankell, but a few come from even further afield.


Iron Bay is also known for its rockpools, which are veritable miniature ecosystems unto themselves. One of Johannes Tearfly's books, Predation in Iron Bay Rockpools, provide an in-depth examination of these habitats.


The only major town of note in the area is Tarmuth, a poor port town that only tramp steamers and freebooters unload at.