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Isaac's Lab

The interior of the laboratory.

Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin's laboratory and place of work is located in Brock Marsh, the oldest district in New Crobuzon, renowned for its population of scientists and academics.


Isaac decided to repurpose and old disused warehouse as a location for his laboratory and base of operations. It is situated next to a narrow alley which adjoins The Dying Child with Paddler Way. The building is now full of Isaac's materials which he uses to conduct experiments. Isaac's workshop, kitchen and bed are found atop a long walkway which remains halfway up the warehouse. This elevated position enables him to gain an extensive view of the city, looking over the River Canker and the Bonetown shore. Overall, the building is in a pretty decrepit condition, and Isaac mentions how the door almost broke when he shut it. Its inhabitants are clearly using the area out of pragmatism, rather than tending to its aesthetic aspects.


The workshop is occupied by Isaac, David Serachin and Lublamai Dadscatt who collectively pay the rent for the building. Both of Isaac's companions are 'rogue-scientists' who also use the space for a similar purpose to our protagonist. They share the ground floor.

A Construct also lives within the building and can be frequently seen cleaning the area or performing other menial tasks whilst the scientists are working.


The laboratory plays a fundamental role within the narrative of Perdido Street Station. Isaac observes the horrendous effects of Dreamshit and spends an awful night in the lab after consuming it. He also uses the building as the primary location for researching the effects of dreamshit on the young Slake Moth. The area is destroyed by the creature following its rapid pupation as it escapes into the city. Yagharek and Isaac have many important interactions in the laboratory, so it's undoubtedly a crucial location within the plot of the novel.