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Johannes Tearfly is one of the main characters in The Scar, and a naturalist and expert in marine biology. He is one of the passengers on the Terpsichoria, journeying from New Crobuzon to Nova Esperium to conduct a survey of wildlife.


Johannes Tearfly is in his late-fifties, with thinning hair that is tightly combed back. He wears little rectangular spectacles and a tweed waistcoat. Despite his academic clothing, he is tall and holds himself well.

Despite some social cowardice, Johannes is unafraid when pursuing his research, and bears several scars from a variety of creatures, including a bit from a chalkydri and an injury from a young Sardula.

Events of The Scar[]


  • Predation in Iron Bay Rockpools
  • Sardula Anatomy
  • Theories of Megafauna
  • Transplane Life

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