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A Karcist is a Thaumaturge who specializes in dealing with daemons, a specialty that also necessitates being able to make contact with Hell. New Crobuzon is the only city-state known to employ karcists in any capacity.


Karcists are known to be employed by the office of mayor of New Crobuzon to assist the government in contacting and making deals with Hell. As with any thaumaturgy, karcists use thaumaturgical and mechanical devices to assist in their rituals, such as the "bloodless sacrifice" needed to summon Hell's embassy.

Some karcists are also employed in the New Crobuzon Militia as soldiers, although daemons are notoriously unreliable.


Karcists carry a variety of tools for dealing with daemons, including thick paper for making protective charms, complex Faraday cage-like tools to guard against interplanar instability, and a clockwork engine with various dials used to automatically carry out invocations, without the karcist needing to learn new languages, as well as to generate the energy necessary for a victimless sacrifice.

Known karcists[]


  • The term karcist originates from the occult work, the Grand Grimoire. The exact etymology is unknown.